Human Collagen IV ELISA (serum)

Human Collagen IV ELISA (serum)

The Human K-ASSAY® Collagen IV (COL4) ELISA Kit is a proven quantitative assay for intact Collagen IV in human serum samples. 

Easy to Use: 

  • Only 20 uL human serum required.
  • Standard 96-well quantitative microtiter ELISA format.


  • Monoclonal antibodies detect only intact Collagen IV.
  • Highly sensitive assay (15.6 - 1,000 ug/L measuring range).
  • Excellent precision and reproducibility.
  • No significant interference.
  • No significant cross reactivity with other collagen isoforms.
  • Early and sensitive biomarker of collagen deposition.

Clinical Research Areas: 

  • Liver fibrosis 
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Alcoholism
  • Hepatotoxicity
  • Liver cirrhosis


The K-ASSAY® Human Collagen IV ELISA Kit (serum) is a solid phase one-step sandwich ELISA. Collagen IV in the sample is bound simultaneously by a solid phase monoclonal antibody and a monoclonal antibody-enzyme conjugate, each directed at different antigenic sites. This results in the collagen IV molecule being sandwiched between the solid phase and enzyme-labelled antibodies. After removing unbound enzyme-labelled antibody and sample, the plate is incubated with enzyme substrate. The resultant color development is directly proportional to the amount of collagen IV in the sample. 

Product Number: KT-035

Working with urine samples? please check out the Collagen IV ELISA kit (urine)



Supplier: Kamiya Biomedical Company

Human Collagen IV ELISA (serum) - Product Specification

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