Lipid Peroxides Assay Kit - Measuring Oxidative Stress

Lipid Peroxides Assay Kit - Measuring Oxidative Stress

The K-ASSAY® Lipid Peroxides (LPO-CC) Assay kit for the quantitative colorimetric determination of high levels of lipid peroxides in serum, plasma and other biological samples.

Lipid peroxides (LPO) are normally present in very low levels in normal human serum and plasma (0-1.3 nmol/mL). Therefore, this assay is best used to screen for high serum or plasma LPO values or to measure LPO in other biological materials.

Lipid peroxides in serum are produced by auto-oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids in the human body. The quantitative determination of lipid peroxides is believed to be useful in the research of various diseases related to oxidative stress. Lipid peroxides are very unstable in the body and are present in very low levels. Therefore, it is necessary to directly determine lipid peroxide levels by a quick and simple assay such as the K-ASSAY  LPO-CC.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • No sample extraction required for serum or plasma.
  • Specifically quantitates lipid peroxides. (Does not measure metabolites of lipid peroxides.)
  • Conveniently store this product at 4°C.
  • Manual or automated procedures available. 

Product Number: CC-004

SupplierKamiya Biomedical Company


Lipid Peroxides (LPO-CC) Assay Kit - Data

Lipid Peroxides (LPO-CC) Assay Kit - Product Specification

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