ProfileIt™- CRISPR/Cas9 INDEL Profiling Software

 First CRISPR INDEL Profiling Software that will give you what you need in just one-click.

  • Easy One-Click INDEL profiling of your sample.
  • Total % of INDELs in your sample.
  • Total % of out-of frame INDELs in your sample.
  • Top5 % INDELs visualised per profile.
  • Individual peak analysis of all peaks over threshold. 
  • One-Click download (excel) statistics of % INDELs of all samples analysed.
  • One-Click download (PNG) of individual INDEL profile images (publication quality)
  • Work with ABI3500/ABI3500XL .fsa files.

ProfileIt™ is part of our INDEL Profiling Service package and is embedded into the innovative VIKING Platform. If you are interested to hear more about license opportunities, please contact us here.


ProfileIt is a trademark of Cobo Technologies.

ProfileIt™- CRISPR/Cas9 INDEL Profiling Software
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