The TUNR Flexible Gene Editing System - Endogenous Genes

The TUNR Flexible Gene Editing System - Endogenous Genes

TUNR Kit for Endogenous Genes

The TUNR kit for Endogenous Genes allows for the modulation of expression of virtually any endogenous gene. The system leverages CRISPR-Cas9* genome editing technology to integrate TUNR sequences of varying strengths at a precise location within your gene of interest.

This kit allows you to generate 4 cell lines or animal models with 4 different levels of knockdown of your endogenous gene of interest.

The kit contains everything you need to alter the expression of your gene, including:

  • crRNA designed to specifically target the precise location to integrate the TUNR sequences in your gene of interest
  • tracRNA
  • Cas9 protein
  • Oligonucleotides, containing one of four TUNR sequences flanked by homology arms to your gene of interest:
    • TUNR-L Lower level of repression
    • TUNR-ML Lower level of repression
    • TUNR-MH Higher level of repression
    • TUNR-H Higher level of repression
  • Forward and Reverse Primers

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*The TUNR System can also be used in combination with ZFNs and TALENs.

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