CRISPR/Cas9 INDEL Profiling Service

CRISPR/Cas9 INDEL Profiling Service

Use our powerful INDEL Profiling Service (based on the proven IDAA™ method) and receive a detailed INDEL Profiling Report of your gene editing events within only 2-5 days.


Simple Procedure:

  1. Do your gene targeting in your cell line of interest using CRISPR (or ZFN, TALEN).
  2. Ship the cell pellets directly to us or extract DNA (recommend to use the proven CoboXtract™) from the pellets, do tri-primer PCR* around the target region and then ship the PCR samples to us.
  3. We do INDEL analysis of the received samples and send a detailed INDEL Profiling Report to you using our INDEL analysis software: ProfileIt™.
  4. You will have your results within 2-5 days.

 * Tri-primer PCR Kit (primers and FAM-Probe) for your target of interest can be ordered via our Oligo Partner: TAGC. If you would like us to design the tri-primer PCR kit and do the assay optimisation, please send your request here.



  • Identification of down to single base insertions/deletions (INDELs) in pools and clones.
  • Detection of down to 0.1% INDEL events.
  • Fast INDEL profiling in high-throughput format in pools and clones.
  • Easy detection of bi-allelic targeting events in single cell clones.
  • Detection range up to 600bs.
  • Easy analysis of profiles using the INDEL analysis software: ProfileIt



  • Validate gRNAs.
  • Select pools or/and clones with out-of-frame INDELs.
  • Investigate Cas9 kinetics.
  • Optimise Cas9 delivery methods.
  • Validate NHEJ inhibitors.
  • ...


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ProfileIt™ and IDAA™ are trademarks of Cobo Technologies™

INDEL Detection Analysis - Comparison

INDEL Detection Analysis - Comparison

Indel detection analysis in genome targeting. Assay time and performance for four indel detection methods: NGS, Sanger sequencing, EMC and IDAA™. Time in days on axis shown below for the required steps (blue hexagons) for each method from genome targeted cell pool (grey hexagon) to insight. QC (white triangle) represents necessary quality control steps. The table shown to the right displays the performance (high or low) of the respective methods with regard to sensitivity, resolution, high through-put amenability (HTRP) and cost. Preferred choices are shown in bold font (Bennett et al.,2016)

IDAA™ is a trademark of Cobo Technologies.

Webinar - Learn more about the IDAA™ Method

A Genome Editing Pipeline For Cell Line Engineering Based On IDAA And FACS (powered by Oxford Global) // Presented by Ass. Prof. Eric Paul Bennett, University of Copenhagen.

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