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CRISPR/Genome Editing News:

  • October 2017 - Cobo Scientific launch CoboXtract™- DNA Extraction Solution 1.0 - Quick, efficient and in-expensive DNA Extraction solution for PCR-ready DNA applications.
  • August 2017 - Cobo Scientific attend the Mini-Symposium:Precise Genome Editing Technologies, in Copenhagen, Denmark with 2 speakers:

    • CSO,Javier Terrente, ZeClinics: "CRISPR and Zebrafish: A game-changer approach in functional genomics and disease modeling"
    • CEO, Edward Weinstein, Canopy BioSciences: Genetic engineering with TUNR for precise control of gene expression” 

  • June 2017 - Cobo Scientific launch the innovative TUNR Flexible Gene Editing System - 100 % control of your gene expression in your CRISPR experiments.
  • February 2017 - Genome Editing using FACS Enrichment of Nuclease Expressing Cells and Indel Detection by Amplicon Analysis (IDAA). Nat. Protoc. 12, 581-603 (2017) (read more).

Expression Analysis:

  • August 2017 - Cobo Scientific launch "The Nordic NanoString Service Platform" to support the nordic region with detailed expression analysis services - Analyze up to 770 genes per sample in only 2 weeks. 


  • May 2017 - We are excited to share with you our first brief scientific overview on Diabetic Nephropathy, including 28 potential biomarkers within the Oxidative StressFibrosisInflammation and Injury/Dysfunction field.


  • May 2017 - ZeGlobalTox: An Innovative Approach to Address Organ Drug Toxicity Using Zebrafish. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 18(4), 864 (2017) (read more).

Company News:

  • November 2017 - Cobo Scientific launch INDEL Detection Service Platform 1.0 based on the IDAA Method.
  • June 2017 - Cobo Scientific signs exclusive commercial agent agreement with Canopy BioSciences. Read more here.
  • June 2017 - Cobo Scientific attend the:CRISPR based technologies and bio-products, in Vejle, Denmark.
  • May 2017 - We welcome our first intern, Karin De Linde (PhD pending - expert in the use of zebrafish within the biomedical research field). She will do a project with focus on organ specific drug toxicity in zebrafish.
  • May 2017 - CoboSci Press is now live - first scientific writing published on Diabetic Nephropathy BioMarkers
  • March 2017 - Cobo Scientific signs commercial agent agreement with ZeClinics.
  • February 2017 - Cobo Scientific enter into agreement with Ass. Prof. Eric Paul Bennett, to support the business development activities related to the IDAA™ method.
  • January 2017 - Cobo Scientific signs commercial agent agreement with Kamiya BioMedical Company
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