Proteomic Expression analysis Platform (PIPPR)

Proteomic Expression analysis Platform (PIPPR)

The Proteomic Expression analysis Platform, PIPPR, is developed by COBO Technologies - a fast growing start-up company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, that is specialised in products and services for QC of CRISPR modified cells and animals.


Protein Expression analysis Platform (PIPPR)

"Antibody-free validation of knockout cells"

PIPPR® is the first platform that offer the gene editing scientist an extensive and detailed protein expression analysis solution for any cells modified with CRISPR, ZFN or TALENs.

PIPPR® is powered by SWATH LC-MS,which gives you label-free proteome scale identification and quantification of any the protein in your cell.

Easy Setup - Just ship your proteins from your cells and receive protein expression report within 4-6 weeks.



  • Confirm knockouts of target protein
  • Compare protein expression between wildtype cells with modified cells
  • Full proteome expression analysis
  • Detailed pathway and gene family expression analysis
  • Quality control of modified cells
  • Protein expression analysis of potential off-target sites
  • Treated versus non-treated cells
  • ...


Include a detailed DNA mutations analysis of your targeted cells using the powerful CRISPR INDEL Profiling Platform, CIPP.


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PIPPR® is a registered trademark of COBO Technologies. SWATH is a trademark of SCIEX.

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