The ProfileIt Repository™ - INDEL Profiles from Validated gRNAs

The ProfileIt Repository™ - INDEL Profiles from Validated gRNAs



Target gene: A4GNT

Target specie: Human

Nuclease tool: CRISPR/Cas9

sgRNA sequence:

INDEL(s) top5: 

  • out-of-frame (blue): +1,-1,-2,-13
  • in-frame (clear): -12
  • wt (orange)

Validated tri-primer PCR: Available (please request)

Internal reference number: A4GNT gh168 #2


PubMed ID

Profiles are based on published data presented in: A validated gRNA library for CRISPR/Cas9 targeting of the human glycosyltransferase genome. Narimatsu Y, Joshi HJ, Zhang Y, Gomes C, Chen YH, Lorenzetti F, Furukawa S, Schjoldager K, Hansen L, Clausen H, Bennett EP, Wandall HH. Glycobiology. 2018 Jan 5. doi: 10.1093/glycob/cwx101. PMID: 29315387


Ass. Prof. Eric Paul Bennett, Copenhagen Center for Glycomics (CCG), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 


The ProfileIt Repository™ is a trademark of Cobo Technologies™. The ProfileIt™ image can be used without a license, for any non-commercial purposes.  

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